Jeanne Caruso, JD, LMFT

Mental Health Therapist

Jeanne’s distinctive interests, experience, and education facilitate helping clients cultivate greater awareness and intentionality in their wellness journey. She includes every aspect—emotional, intellectual, physical, spiritual, social, occupational, and environmental—in that vision. She has supported clients with a wide range of concerns including medical and stage of life issues, school and occupational stress, trauma, grief, substance use issues, cognitive impairment, and relationship challenges.

Jeanne brings nine years of experience in the healthcare field to her Crossover practice. She has assisted a diverse clientele (ages 5 to 95!) in a variety of settings including community-based, schools, residential treatment facilities, clinics, and private practice. Jeanne worked in the legal field where she gained international corporate experience with public companies and entrepreneurs in tech, healthcare, and social services. Her background includes clinical research, program development, and management in collaborative healthcare where she helped clients improve their health and wellness by working with them, as well as with their support network. It’s that experience and those standards of care that ultimately led her to join Crossover Health’s interdisciplinary team.

Jeanne earned her BA from the University of Texas, Austin, and a Juris Doctorate from Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois. Additionally, she has a Master’s degree in Psychology from The Wright Institute in Berkeley, California. Jeanne is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in California. While not practicing, Jeanne is also a Licensed Attorney in California. Jeanne is passionate about the performing arts—as both a patron and performer from an early age—and the value of expressive arts in health and healing.